Lewis Pugh swimming 500m in water with a temperature of 0°C off the coast of Peter I Island in the Bellinghausen Sea - one of 13 seas which surround Antarctica. Photo: lewispugh.comMan on an Antarctic mission – taking a plunge for the Ross Sea
An interview with Lewis Pugh, an extreme swimmer and environmental activist who is campaigning for protection of the Ross Sea, a deep bay off of Antarctica.
For The Ecologist in April 2015.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-16-36-48EU turns fire on invasive species already costing €12 billion a year
A report on a conference of policymakers and industry leaders discussing EU-wide cooperation in the fight against  invasive species.
For The Ecologist in March 2015.

Quagga mussels. Picture by David Aldridge, University of CambridgeDon’t move a mussel – a tiny invader is threatening our water and wildlife
A feature on the arrival of the Quagga mussel, a dangerous invasive species, in British waterways. The mollusk, native to the Caspian Sea, is one of a number of stealth invaders that have been wreaking havoc on the English flora and fauna.

For The Ecologist in Feb. 2015.